Monday, 10 June 2013

The islands that embraces the state

Simply breath taking scenery, the dazzling clean and powdery white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters in Terengganu's islands are well known. If you are mother nature people, Terengganu is the most suitable place for you. 

The Emerald Island In Malaysia - Pulau Redang

Situated 50km off the coast, Redang Island is the most developed in Terengganu. The beaches, washed by the warm waters of the South China Sea is the nature's wonder: a wonderful alchemy of fine powdery white and gold sand, magnificently wide, often times sloping gradually into the sea. Crystal clear water and vibrant underwater world invite enthusiasts to enjoy the colourful, mature coral gardens and several shipwreckeds. With the vastness of the sea, cool breezes and breathtaking sunsets, the island is nothing short of a tropical paradise. Berjaya Air operates daily direct flights to the island from KL & Singapore and speedboats at designated jetty will take 45 minutes to reach the island.

One Of The Most Beautiful Island In The World - Pulau Perhentian 
A trip to these lush and exotic tropical twin islands is a must for all nature lovers and those who enjoy scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, sailing, boating and canoeing. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, warm sapphire blue waters and colourful coral garden, Perhentian Island is renowned as one of Malaysia's marine paradise and is a part of the National Marine Park of Malaysia. For the passive, do enjoy watching turtles lay eggs or feeding the vibrant coloured fish or just sitting back and enjoy the sun and breeze at the Three Coves Bay. Pulau Perhentian is reachable from Kuala Besut Tourist Jetty and the 21km journey by speedboat takes 1.5 hours.

Pretty Little Island With Candat Sotong Activity - Pulau Kapas & Pulau Gemia
Kapas and Gemia Islands are two small islands separated by a narrow strait off the coast of Marang District. Only 6km away, it takes 10 minutes by speedboat to reach the island. Known specifically for squid fishing, guests can while away the time pulling in squids using nylon lines in lighted boats at night. As part of the Marine Park, guests can enjoy the dazzling marine life and superb coral formations. Sea eagles, reef herons, tern and the endangered giant leatherback turtles come to rest on the islands every year. The rugged hill terrain invited the adventurous to test their rock-climbing skills or just watching the birds. 
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