Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Popular food in Terengganu

There are some food that quite popular in Terengganu. 

The most popular food is keropok lekor. There are three types of keropok, mainly keropok lekor (resembling sausage, boiled chewy ones), keropok goreng (also resembling sausage but fried chewy ones) and keropok keping (sliced, sun-dried and fried). Kampong Losong are one of the place that popular in producing keropok lekor. Usually, foreigner will visit this place to see how they make keropok lekor. Keropok lekor is quite cheap in Terengganu because easy to get the source (fish meat) since it near to the sea. At Kampong Losong, visitor can choose either boiled or fried keropok lekor.

Besides keropok lekor, Nasi Dagang also quite popular in Terengganu. Nasi Dagang is a rice specialty of Terengganu. Usually, nasi dagang usually eaten with side dishes of tuna curry, pickled cucumber and carrot. Local ingredients are used to make a Nasi Dagang.  ‘Dagang’ practically means going travelling and in those days most are of trading trips. It is practical to pack along the Nasi Dagang to be eaten along the way.

Next is kuih Cik Mek Molek. Kuih Cik Mek Molek is a fried mashed sweet potato with sugary fillings in the inside. The term ‘Cik mek molek‘ is refer to pretty young lady. Make sure not to eat while its still hot because the sugary filling will burn your mouth. Kuih Cik Mek Molek is suitable to eat during breakfast and tea time.

Satar is a snack made ​​from fish. It is a special dish of Terengganu. It is a mixture of pounded fish, pepper and ginger wrapped in banana leaves cone shaped. 
Usually, Satar easy to get at the market. Most famous are the satar from Kuala Kemaman. Through word of mouth, the place is flocked by locals as well as visitors from other states to get a taste of this delicious delicacy complete with coconut drinks. The stalls are actually the extension of villager’s house and visitors can also get a taste of slow-paced traditional way of life.

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